Minggu, 09 Januari 2011


Chip terbanyak ,kalau sudah kaya gini ga bisa tidurrrr takut di DOH.....

Oleh:Dhawer SU Kipli.


Oleh:Ember Nur Habibi

Hack FaceBook Poker

As FaceBook user, you must ever heard about Zynga Poker aren’t ya? Zynga Poker is FaceBook apps that could give you money by selling the chip to other users. It is illegal but many people already used it. However 1.000.000 chip can be sold for $1.
Once a day on forum i have read article told about how to hack FaceBook Poker Application. But i don’t know sure whether it is safe or not. It goes :
At first,
If you think this tool can give you 1 million look like just away
I suggest you to leave it and look for another trick or tool !!
If you think this tool just annoying you..leave it !!
But if you are the one as same as me who likes experiment ‘n challenge
you have to try this ….
- – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – - – -
For you who like to play Zynga Poker (What a pitty…I don’t like this game anymore..
Here is one tool that will add 1 million chips at any 1 time.
Why ? Of course your account might get banned if you add more than 1 million
But think about it …. If you have many FB account.
Do not ask me how does it work …
I can only say …it works !!
MoBreez said:
- This tool will impose add friend get accepted by other person even if they don’t want to add you.
- Save Settings and AutoRebuy means it will auto add poker chips while u play the game.
- You have to have less than 100 chips in order for this tool to work.
Note :
I just to remind you that you have to be careful, make new FB account and bind your server
or whatever you do to make your own safety by your self
If it’s not, I’m afraid you will get a punish by doing illegal actions